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How can AI Ensure Even Distribution of Food Resources?

How can AI Ensure Even Distribution of Food Resources?

As our world is slowly recovering from the devasting effects the Coronavirus pandemic has caused industries and people, there is the need for us to re-imagine and define how all actors in the food production chain can be brought up to speed to produce more food to feed our growing population. In doing so, we need to innovate ways food resources can be efficiently distributed.

Food Resources comprise of foodstuffs and the services in commerce and distribution through which these are made available for consumption. Most often, the foodstuffs are overemphasized and the services, undervalued. Producing enough food to feed our growing population, requires us to create a balance between foodstuffs and the services that allows for maximized yield, processing, and, distribution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are already playing a great role in maximizing yields and profits for farmers. Especially for smallholder farmers, who have no access to sophisticated agricultural technologies, Okuafo Foundation is bridging this gap by creating and democratizing AI solutions that are off the grid and work offline. These solutions provide real-time support for communities that are hard to reach by Agriculture Extension Agents.

“Okuafo Foundation’s early pest detection tool comes in handy and provides real-time help for farmers in the absence of Agric. Extension Agents.”

-Mr. Godwin Edzina

Empowering villages to be Food Self-sufficient – AI Everywhere

AI-powered solutions that work offline such as our Okuafo AI app, is empowering farmers everywhere to detect pest infestations early and take sustainable actions to prevent further damage. Solutions such as these are enabling farmers, especially those in rural areas, to increase their yield. On a larger scale, these solutions can help ensure even distribution of food resources across the African continent.

Also, AI can help us be better informed when making policies and designing infrastructure development programs to prioritize communities that need them the most. As technology alone cannot magically boost food security, we need infrastructure as well.

Do you have an idea of how AI can further ensure even distribution of food resources and interested in partnering with us to explore this opportunity? Send us an email partnerships@okuafo.ai