Tackling hunger and extreme poverty from the grassroots

Our biggest mission is to contribute enormously to the UNs' SDG Goal 2, which seeks to End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Intelligent Apps

Our intelligent app, Okuafo AI App is trained on over 100,000 images and it has learned to diagnose and predict diseases in livestock/crops for farmers to take early actions to prevent further damage.

Smart Devices

Our Smart temperature sensors helps farmers to keep the temperature moderate for their animals and crops for healthy growth and prevent spread of diseases and death.

Organic Fertilizer

Our researchers work on producing fertilizer targeted at the crops that are grown locally. These fertilizers are safe for the environment and affordable.

Why Our Work is Important


By producing more, farmers can feed their families

Better livelihoods

Farmers get to sell enough to earn a living


With reduced or no pesticides at all, healthy crops are assured

Support for rural farmers

Remotely training rural farmers on the best farming practices with 24/7 support


Most pesticides and fertilizers are harmful to the environment. Minimizing the use of these would help protect the environment

Our Core Values

Improving Agriculture, Improving Lives, Cultivating New Crops To Make Farmers Increase Profit.

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 2 seeks to End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030. However there is a major threat to achieving this goal. Farmers in rural areas who are mostly subsistence farmers lose more than half of their crops to pest infestations. This increases the number of children who go to bed with an empty stomach. Farmers live in extreme poverty because they can't produce enough to feed their families and sell the extra to earn a living.

We Are Innovators in Agricultural Sector. Our vision is to see farmers earning more and no hunger.

All of our products and services are available for FREE for small scale farmers who are mostly into subsistence farming.

  • Disease Diagnosis
  • Pest Prediction
  • Smart sensor systems
  • Improved & Affordable Fertilizer
  • Remote Training for rural farmers
  • 24/7 Support for rural farmers for free
  • Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

Our Products and Services


The field assistant of farmers. Easy to use and 97% accurate. Works without internet connection.


Heat and Cold Smart Sensor that alert farmers to adjust environmental conditions for animals to feel safe and healthy.


Close to free affordable organic fertilizer targeted at crops grown locally.

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